Little Wing kayak with Whales

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does your kayak have wings?

Little Wing's design goal was to create a fast and stable kayak. This goal is accomplished by adding "wings" or flares. The wings stay out of the water when not edging, giving Little Wing a narrow waterline width, but as the boat is edged the wings gradually enter the water providing for increasing stability.

The wings increase the volume in the front and back of the kayak. This causes Little Wing to behave better in rough seas, keeping the kayak on top of the wave instead of diving its bow through the wave. The front wing also pushes splash away from the boat, making for a drier ride.

What is the purpose of Little Wing's transom?

Little Wing is one of the few kayaks that has a true transom. The transom gives Little Wing added speed and wave maneuverability. The transom also aids in aft deck rescues by allowing the aft wings to be pushed farther into the water.

I've heard that rescues are easier with Little Wing. Why is this?

Little Wing's unique design, specifically the shape of the back wings and the transom, make rescues easier in Little Wing as compared to most performance sea kayaks. When you lie on the back wing your weight pushes it into the water, thereby increasing the kayak's overall stability and allowing for an easier rescue.

Are Little Wing's hatches watertight?

Little Wing's hatches are watertight. We use a rubber gasket on the deck and a rubber gasket on the bottom of the hatch to create a rubber to rubber seal. This rubber to rubber seal is far superior to a rubber to deck seal. All of our hatches use three straps to push the gaskets together to create the watertight seal.

Can you edge and roll Little Wing?

Yes! Little Wing rolls like any other touring kayak and her moderate primary stability coupled with her high secondary stability makes edging easy.

How is Little Wing at edge turning?

Little Wing makes edge turning easy. Unlike traditional kayaks, Little Wing's winged shape allows you to securely hold a high degree edge.

Custom Features

Can I add custom graphics to my kayak or sailboat?

Because our boats are painted and visually seamless you can add graphics that would not be possible on gel coated and seamed boats. We work with a graphics designer that can create any design you desire. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Do you offer a fishing package for your kayaks?

Due to Little Wing's unique design, it is one of the few fast kayaks that you can comfortably use for fishing. We have found that each person wants their boat setup slightly different for fishing so we work with each customer to achieve the fishing solution that works best for them. We will do this for the cost of the fishing parts and a small installation fee.

Do you offer a sailing kit for your Little Wing kayaks?

We currently offer a sailing kit for our Little Wing 15.5 and Little Wing Tandem models. For more info on the Little Wing 15.5 Sail click here. For more info on the Little Wing Tandem Sail click here.


How can I place an order?

We are currently taking orders by phone and at our headquarters in Georgetown, MA.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, and bank transfers.

Is there a deposit? How is payment scheduled?

We require a $2,000 USD refundable deposit per model. This is refundable until your boat has been started. For kayak models, the remaining balance is due before delivery. For kayak sailboats, half of the remaining balance is due on build start and the final amount before the boat(s) are shipped.

Can I cancel my boat order?

Yes. You may cancel your order any time before we start to build your boat and we will refund your deposit.

Will you weigh my boat before shipping?

No unless you ask for an exact weight before we ship. All listed weights are estimates and each boat can vary slightly from the estimated weights due to the nature of composite manufacturing. All options will add weight. If the added weight of an option is not listed please ask us for an estimate. Some of the sailing options, such as the screecher and trampoline options, will add significant weight to the boat as the extra stresses caused by these options need to be handled by strengthening the hulls and the beams.

Can I return my boat for a refund?

No. Every boat is custom made and all sales are final. We receive a constant stream of emails from people looking for used boats so we can help you find a buyer if you decide you would like to sell your boat.


Where will you ship Little Wing?

We ship Little Wings all over the world. Please call for a quote.

What if my boat is damaged during shipping?

We package our boats carefully to ensure that they withstand the rigors of shipping. However, we recommend that you inspect your boat when it is delivered. Do not sign for the boat if it is damaged. The shipper will return the damaged boat and we will repair it or build you a new one. You will not be charged for return shipping or for shipping on the fixed/new boat.


What is the warranty on your kayaks?

We guarantee our kayaks to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the kayak. Warranty is non-transferable. If a defect is found, we will replace or fix your kayak free of charge.

What is the warranty on your kayak sailboats?

We guarantee our sailboats to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years after purchase. Warranty is non-transferable. If a defect is found, we will replace or fix your sailboat free of charge.


What should I do to maintain my boat?

To help maintain your boat's finish, we recommend that you wash the salt off with soap and water after ocean paddling. It is best to store your boat in a dry place out of the sun.